My name is Diana Ashktorab.
I'm a CodeNewbie from Iran which is a beautiful country with astonishing nature and lovely people. I was born in 2013.
My favorite hobby is watching animations and my favorites are Miraculous Ladybug and Pj masks. I also like drawing, reading story books and of course playing with my brother. Down here you can see a picture of us. I don't like homework because it's so boring .. I mean it. I think I'd better build a robot some day to do childern's homework so they can use their time for more creative stuffs.

Diana Ashktorab

This is my little brother. His name is Shayan and he's 3 years old. His favorite animations are Racing Cars, Paw Patrol and Pj Masks (like me). He's soooooooo cute and we have fun together. I love him very much.
Nowadays, he's my best friend.

Diana Ashktorab _ Shayan birthday

I also love Moana animation and music who lives in Matonoi island.
Don't you think I look like her, because of my hair and my style that shows I'm brave like Moana? Am I? I Think so.

Well, enough about my favorites! Let's talk about programming! OK.
I started learning programming concepts playing with GrassHopperApp in my mom's phone once in a while. In Augest 2020, my mom helped me to learn Scratch. It was so fun! I made some games you also could play; the links are available in my Projects Page.
Two months later, I got interested in CSS because I love art. So, I started learning simple CSS. Then I went further and experienced to make some illustrations in Single DIV ... That was incredible for me ...

Then, I learned how to make SVG in Adobe Illustrator and this learning was super! I could make an SVG and animate it in CSS. I'm planning to learn JavaScript. I love to bring joy in programming and learning, make funny animations, funny games and also teach what I know to others. I usually do something funny in my tutorials that's because I like humor. I also like AI specially Robotics; who knows, maybe that will be one of my future challenges! or maybe I become a police officer:)